Apartmá V Oblouku - Cottage in Jeseniky

Apartmá V Oblouku - Cottage Jeseniky
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Accomodation Jeseniky
Beautiful accommodation in a cottage situated in Jeseníky, privacy and large garden, moreover a good price.
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Accomodation - Cottage in Jeseniky

Cottage in Jeseniky

Apartmá V Oblouku has interior after reconstruction in an original wooden cottage style. Apartment capacity is 10 persons.
Inside you will find:

We offer whole apartment for rent only for 4 and more persons. Individual rooms (for less persons) can be rented on agreement. Kitchen and sanitary facilities than would be shared.

Apartment has gas central heating with hot water reservoir of 200L.

Cottage in Jeseniky

Smoking inside is not allowed.

Owner does not live in the house. Privacy of staying guests assured.

Usually, first day of the stay your accommodation starts after 14:00. At the end of the stay guests leaves apartment between 10:00-11:00.

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Year – round accommodation in a cottage situated in Lipová-lázně village, accommodation Jeseníky

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