Apartmá V Oblouku - Accomodation Jeseníky

Apartmá V Oblouku - Accomodation Jeseniky
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Accomodation in Jeseniky, Lipova-lazne

Apartmá V Oblouku offers year-round accommodation in Jeseniky in a cottage situated in village Lipová-lázně.

Cottage Apartmá V Oblouku is located in village Lipová-lázně in Jeseniky

Apartment is in a quiet part of the village apart from the main road. Accommodation here is ideal for those who seek privacy and peace. Overall capacity of the apartment is 10 persons. It is ideal for family holidays or small events with friends.

Fenced garden with Garden House (with wooden table and benches) and camp fire place belonging to the cottage is ideal for summer evenings. Stream flowing right next to the garden is forming pleasant background.

Accomodation in Jeseniky in privacy - Vila U Pošty

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Accomodation Jeseniky, Lipova-lazne

Inside the apartment you will find 3 rooms (2-4 beds), kitchen and bathroom with two separated showers and two toilets. Interior is after reconstruction in an original wooden cottage style. You can find more information in section accomodation.

Interior of the cottage - Accomodation Jeseniky


Own kitchen equipped with fridge, microwave, kettle and gas cooker is available in the apartment. There is a shop nearby. A pub is located 50 meters away, a restaurant is in the centre of the village, about 800m away. We can arrange lunch delivery for you and also pizza delivery is available.


Outdoor seating - Accomodation Jeseniky

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